Chakra Incense

Browse Tibetan incenses, range of Chakra Incense, all our Chakra incense are made by hand in Tibet using organic and natural ingredients and are composed following ancient scriptures and Tibetan religious Texts. We stock both traditional Tibetan Chakra Incense as well as rope incense.

Our traditional Chakra Incense is what we class as a full Tibetan incense sticks these incense are made without a bamboo inner stick allowing for a clean rich smell and bypassing any woody none natural scents and notes.

We also stock Tibetan Rope Chakra incense, our rope incense is made by rolling herbs and organic blends in a very thin and light paper the ends are then woven to keep the blends in place. If you are new to Chakra cleansing we strongly suggest you try the Chakra Rope incense, this incense has a higher concentration of mugwort and will help in the aid of spirituality and Chakra healing.

Chakra Incense
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