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Chakra incense sticks

We stock a number of Chakra Incense sticks and a variety of rope incenses. Both our chakra incense sticks and rope incenses are specially prepared following ayurvedic scriptures. Unlike other sites that offer you a selection of incense sticks that “focus” more on certain chakras the incense you find here will heal and enhance all functions of the seven chakras.

Why use – Chakra Incense?

There are a number of key differences when comparing our incense for chakra cleansing vs competitor products the main one being marketing, quite simply put other brands focus on colours rather than functionality; for example they will use Blueberry incense for the Third Eye chakra simply because its blue in colour. However if you take a deeper look into the properties of blueberry while used as an incense, you will find on its own it offers very little in terms of effectiveness.

So what do you use in your chakra incense?

We use mugwort and a mix other secondary herbs for the Third Eye chakra, if you look up mugwort properties the same way you did for blueberries, you will see its really night and day in terms of comparison.  

What do you suggest?

Firstly we advise you to look at the ingredients If you are new to the world of incense and looking for the best incense for chakra cleansing we strongly suggest the Chakra rope incense, just make sure you only light one rope at a time.  

Chakra incense sticks

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