Hill Top Ayurvedic Medicinal Incense


52 Incense sticks
20 cms

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Natural Ayurvedic Medicinal Incense

Hill Top incense is produced by following the ancient traditional Vedic formula of the Ayurvedic texts. This incense is made from selected purified plants and herbs from the Himalayan regions of Nepal.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Incense is comprised of herbs (viz. Astasugandha, Jattamasi oil, Gokul Dhoop) these herbs are helpful for different a number of different types of meditation, it helps with the concentration of mind and purifying the atmosphere along with a number of other helpful purposes, like overcoming stress and frustration. Ayurvedic Medicinal Incense is 100% Natural.

52 Incense sticks
20 cms


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