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Prayer incense sticks


The use of Ritual incense sticks and

Tibetan prayer incense is an ancient Buddhist practice.  Tibetan incense/ritual incense sticks are burned as a form of daily offering; you will see it burned in temples and monasteries and find the practice and usage incorporated into a number of Buddhist ceremonies, rites, and rituals.

You will also see prayer incense/ritual incense sticks being used as a form of personal practice and burned at home in order to keep the space auspicious and free of evil.  While it is true that burning prayer incense will enhance your intellectual ability and fix imbalances in one’s body In order to amplify these benefits and increase one’s mental peace, the practice must be undertaken by a Buddhist master via performing pujas Buddhist rituals.

As a whole Tibetan prayer, Incense/ritual incense sticks are an inseparable part of the spiritual path and should be used daily if you are looking for a selection of prayer incense/ritual incense sticks you can find our top selling prayer incense below. If you are a part of a Buddhist temple or monasteries or looking for incense for funeral arrangements please contact our wholesale team.

Prayer incense sticks & Ritual incense sticks



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