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Best incense for healing

Incense Sticks for Spiritual Healing

Tibetan Incense is produced in the Himalayan regions and is comprised of a variety of plant-based ingredients, these include leaves, barks, resins, roots, and of course essential oils. Tibetan incense is well known as the best incense for healing. The Tibetan medical system is based upon Indian Buddhism literature and is a centuries-old traditional medical system.  Tibetan Medicine embraces the traditional Buddhist belief in which all illness manifests from the three poisons: delusion, greed, and aversion. The Tibetan medicine system follows the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths which apply medical diagnostic logic to suffering. These practices have continued into our modern era for good reason.

Tibetan incense is used as an aid for both emotional and spiritual healing, purifying one’s energy and space along with removing negative energy. Tibetan incense can be used for stress relief, anxiety, sleep disorders, aggression, and self-healing. Tibetan incense also enhances meditations and as such promotes the state of mind that is required for healing energies.

You will find below the Best incense for healing, if you still have any questions about picking the Best incense for healing please contact us, we are always happy to help, if not we wish you the very best. All our incense including the Best incense for healing is shipped from our UK warehouse.

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