Incense Sticks Good for Health

Step inside the world of Tibetan and Himalayan Incense and discover the rich fragrances and benefits of Tibetan incense. You won’t find any synthetic chemicals in any of our incense, just natural organic herbs, resins and spices with the bulk of our incense sticks consisting of over 40 different herbs and spices to bring your senses to life. 

Tibetan Incense UK offers a wide variety of Organic Incense Sticks, including Sandalwood incense Sticks for Relaxation, Ritual Incense for prayer and spiritual offerings and healing incense for wellbeing, alternative medicine and positive Energy. We also stock a full range of Chakra Incense in both incense stick and rope incense form, perfect for those who are looking to cleanse themselves.   

All of our incense sticks are produced in Nepal and made by hand following centuries old recipes, using only organic and natural herbs, resins and spices.  Once produced, these beautiful Natural Incense Sticks are imported into the UK and distributed from our warehouse in the North East of England. 

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